Making Veganism Mainstream – One Voucher at a Time

My name is Joanne, the founder and operator of My Vegan Vouchers.

I remember as a child, questioning what the meat was on my plate. I was a ‘good girl’ and ate was I was told to eat and put it out of my mind that it was once a beautiful animal.

When my children also questioned what was on their plate, I told them they ‘needed’ to eat meat for the nutritional benefits as society would have us believe.

As I aged and developed Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was told by my GP that’s ‘it’s part of life’ but thankfully one of my daughters commenced studying Nutritional Medicine and with her inquisitive mind and compassionate soul, she insisted that I give up meat for my health.

Naturally, I felt so much better and with a little research and education about the meat and dairy industry, there was no looking back after deciding to eat a plant based diet. From there it was a no brainer to stop using ALL animal products including leather etc and living a vegan lifestyle.

As my eyes opened and my soul remembered it’s compassionate side, I became determined to share my passion and encourage others to see the truth rather than follow blindly because ‘that’s the way we were raised’ and ‘that’s how we have always eaten’.

One day, I was browsing through a voucher membership I had and was dismayed that there was no option to browse a vegan category. That’s when I dreamed of My Vegan Vouchers, with “Savings on All Things Vegan” and realised I could match vegan customers to vegan businesses, creating a win-win scenario.

I decided that wasn’t enough because we need to influence non-vegans to try our lifestyle and consider a healthier option and preferably appeal to their compassionate side to help them become aware of the truth about their meat and dairy.

My Vegan Vouchers is a win for everyone! The animals, Vegan business owners, Vegan consumers and our planet!

So, I currently live in Sydney but hey, I’m not stopping there. There’s a world of vegans and vegetarians ready to go one step further, so why not spread Veganism worldwide?

My aim is to make Veganism mainstream and an easy lifestyle to lead. Yes, LEAD! Let’s lead the way! It takes passion and determination to lead others and I’m leading! Making Veganism Mainstream, one voucher at a time.

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My Vegan Vouchers – an International Business Opportunity

No longer is a vegan business the only one of its kind. Competition is getting stronger and your business needs an edge that the others don’t have.

Let me introduce you to this exciting opportunity.

My Vegan Vouchers is a web-based, local and international voucher service which benefits both your business and your customers.

Your participation sends a message to local and international vegans that you value their business and are supportive of the vegan community.

At NO COST to you, My Vegan Vouchers will promote your business to vegans locally (and all over the world if it suits your business) and entice them to visit you rather than your competition. Veganism is a growing lifestyle and vegans love to support each other in any way we can.

To be included, your business provides an introductory incentive which is designed to motivate My Vegan Vouchers members to purchase from you.

Customers who have a positive experience with you, will result in positive word of mouth advertising within the vegan community and are likely to return as full paying customers.

According to Nielsen’s 2013 Trust In Advertising report, 84% of consumers trust family and friends when recommending products.

You design your offer, how many times it can be used, be it once or numerous times. The terms are yours. We do ask that your offer is different and slightly better than any you offer the general public or what you currently offer through any other voucher service.

Unlike other voucher groups, My Vegan Vouchers will not take any commission from you or charge you for your participation, we will be paid by the subscriber for our service and the subscriber will deal with you directly.

Business types associated with My Vegan Vouchers include: Food, Services, Trades, Fashion, Health and Beauty, Travel and Accommodation, Homewares and anything that fits the vegan lifestyle and is cruelty free.

Wholesalers are also included which means that your business could benefit from a wholesale discount with another business in My Vegan Vouchers.

We welcome non-vegan businesses offering vegan options, encouraging new business opportunities.

As a business owner associated with My Vegan Vouchers, you will also receive your own free subscription and will benefit from advertising via social media, vegan newsletters and associations, paid and unpaid advertising to promote your business.

Let everyone, including locals, online shoppers, wholesalers, and travellers, know where you are and how to find you.

It’s easy…Register now at My Vegan Vouchers.

Joanne Lauthier

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Veg Network’s My Vegan Vouchers Offer

Veg Network is committed to promoting the vegan lifestyle and vegan enterprises, and is proud to promote and support My Vegan Vouchers.

If you register as a customer, you will receive free shipping on any size order you make from my shop. This offer is only available through My Vegan Vouchers, so register online today!

Tom Perry