About Me

Hi, my name is Tom Perry.

I’m a vegan from Down Under who is passionate about helping people who want to become or try being vegan, or who are new vegans struggling to cope with changes to their lifestyle and diet.

I know what it is like to have trouble finding a wide range of tasty vegan foods that are nutritionally sound, and to address health issues with an ethical plant-based lifestyle. I know that becoming, or being vegan can be challenging, even with the range of foods available today, and, at times, socially isolating; particularly when you’re surrounded by people who don’t seem to know or care about the compelling health, animal welfare and environmental reasons for being vegan.

After going vegetarian in 1982, then later vegan way back in 1983, I focused on campaigning for animal rights. Then in 1989 with a couple of friends I produced my first pro-veg designs under the name ‘Animal Free Promotions’, which included a range of t-shirts, bags, badges and fridge-magnets. In the early 2000’s I sold another range of t-shirts and other products online under the name ‘Vegecentric’.

Now, all these years later, I have re-booted ‘Animal-Free Promotions’ and ‘Vegecentric’ as the ‘Veg Network Shop’ with a similar range of designs to promote a healthy, ethical, cruelty-free lifestyle.

I always thought that a healthy, ethical plant-based vegan lifestyle should be made easier and more convenient. I believe that it’s not enough to tell people why they should make a change. You should also help by showing them how to make that change, in a way that suits them!


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